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Maternity Life...Coming to a Close!

For those of you who have been following along with my personal life, you know my husband and I are expecting a new addition to our family!  Baby girl Tresko is coming...SOON!  I'm currently 37 weeks along and for those of you who don't know pregnancy math very well, that means I'm THREE weeks away from my due date!  It's an exciting, overwhelming, nerve-wrecking feeling to say the least. 

While my career as a photographer has been an adventure and very fulfilling, I feel like my whole life has really been geared towards becoming a mom.  Since I was young, it's the one thing I knew for sure that I wanted to be when I grew up.  I have an amazing mom who was very involved growing up and has been a wonderful support for me to this day.  I'd say that's one of the biggest reasons I've always known motherhood was a goal in life; because I wanted to be just like her.  In all honestly as the due date approaches though, I'm a ball of mixed emotions.  I blame hormones too, haha!  So much to prepare for, yet everyone says you can never be 100% ready and I 100% believe that.  There's just a lot of adjustments at once, including our move from California to Washington! I'm definitely missing the sunshine and warmer weather and of course my friends. Life has felt far from normal, but I know God has a plan for us here and with a baby on the way, I know life will be sweeter once she's in my arms!

Now for some photo fun!  In preparation for baby girl's arrival, I couldn't NOT do a maternity shoot to document this time in our life. The wonderful Jessi from Jecka & Co. Photography  was gracious enough to drive down from Livermore to the enchanting Nestldown for our maternity session.  We made sure to get in our photo shoot before our big move. It was so awesome to be able to capture some of my own memories at Nestldown; the venue I've shot at countless times over the years.  Using all film, Jessi delivered some gorgeous images to us and I'm super grateful!!  Here are just a few of my favorites below :)