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Briana Calderon Photography is a based in the Seattle-Tacoma area and specializes in wedding and lifestyle portrait photography.  

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Vantage Point

For me, photography is an art.  It's an outlet, a vision, and a canvas.  There's obviously different types of photography, whether it's the subject matter or the style of editing, but it's subjective I believe.  I've been a photographer for roughly 7 years now (give or take some college years) and it's been quite the journey to finding my style, my preference and really honing in on what makes my photography my own!  I'm sure my art will evolve, as most artists' work does, but that's what keeps it fresh, modern and interesting, right?  

I've found over the years, that while I do love photographing people and the organic moments that unfold between a bride and groom or a mom and son (whatever it may be), I also enjoy traveling and capturing beautiful landscapes. It's funny though, even though I've had the amazing opportunity to travel to numerous countries around the world, one of my favorite photos was taken just recently at an engagement shoot in my own backyard!  Well not literally my own backyard, being that I don't actually have a backyard, but just an hour away in the heart of the Bay Area: San Francisco! 

Camera:  Canon 5D Mark III       Lens:  100mm f/2.8 Macro     ISO:  100         Aperture:  2.8           Shutter speed:  1/1250 sec.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III      Lens: 100mm f/2.8 Macro  

ISO: 100        Aperture: 2.8          Shutter speed: 1/1250 sec.

 It was literally my last shot of the session and the sun was just about to set, which made for the perfect silhouetting of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I had just finished taking some macro shots of the engagement ring and stood up to see this gorgeous scene before my eyes.  I didn't give my lens much thought and just snapped the photo.  Sometimes a picture doesn't need much thought, just a good eye for what's already in front of you!  There really is something so magical about that "golden hour" though. Depending on your camera settings, it can make for some bright and ethereal shots or more dramatic, silhouettes. Below the photo you'll see the camera and settings, in case you ever want to try to recreate it yourself!

This photo is apart of the #VantagePoint project for the company, Light, who will be releasing their new compact camera later on this year! If you're interested in seeing more photos from the Vantage Point project, check out their Pinterest board.

Brenda & Victor's Engagement

When Brenda told me she wanted to have a romantic beach setting for her engagement shoot, I immediately was game! With the weather we've been having, it's been hit or miss with the sunshine so I definitely had my worries approaching the shoot.

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